March Madness 2015

Photos by Jeff O’Connor

Background from Mike Michaud (previous owner Roy’s son-claw)

So MM started out about 10-12 years ago. Roy, my father in law was visiting with one of his close friends and some of that friends relatives. They discussed going to 2nd lake Mesquacook ice fishing and how long a drive it was. Roy offered an overnight stay at camp which would put them closer. The first year it was a shorter list, mostly consisting of that friend and his relatives. It became a yearly tradition and over time the group got larger. Roy brought in some of his family and friends, the other guys invited some others, etc.

After a few years, it was extended to a longer weekend as there was too much fun to be had. Over the years, many faces have changed. Some have come and gone, others have been mainstays. One thing for sure, the group always has fun setting some fish traps, riding snow sleds, or just sitting by the wood stove telling stories. And of course, the legendary dice game is always a blast. The weather varies every year as one could imagine. Cold, warm, rain, snow, slush, ice, you name it. The company, food, and laughs are always consistent though.

That is what I know. I wasn’t in the original case of characters. I started going about half way through. It is not quite the same without Roy around, but we were very glad that Jeff agreed to open up for us. I know Roy would be happy that we are still going and doing the stuff that he loved in the place that he loved best