Our Hound Hunting Services

Fall Bear Hunting with Hounds
With the Maine bear population being at a record high and steadily climbing, there are great opportunities for the hunter wishing to harvest the elusive black bear. Our black bear hunts are done over active bear baits with professional guide service. Each one of our sites are carefully tended to, catering to the hound hunter. Big Machias Lake Camps takes great pride in selecting and maintaining our bear hunting sites to provide optimal results.

We have multiple black bears coming to each site well before the season begins. A tremendous hound running bearshunting area with an abundance of active bear bait sites assures productive hunting for black bears. We have a proven track record of bear hunting success with limited hunting pressure throughout the season. Shot distance for hound hunters is not more than 20 yards. All Maine bear hunts with hounds are fully inclusive with no hidden charges or additional fees.

The Big Machias Advantage
To have consistent success in bear hunting it involves a team effort coordinated well in the advance of the season. With baiting starting 30 days prior to the opening day of the season, we work countless hours setting up locations and baiting bears. The expansive area we have to hunt allows us to maximize the number of hunting sites with no overcrowding or hunting of any area. Our team oriented philosophy combined with the unique and highly populated bear hunting area truly creates one of the best bear hunting camps in the country.

Our Bear Over Bait Hunting Services