Traditional Maine Moose hunting by calling and stalking in Northern Maine.

Maine Moose hunting permits are by lottery. click here for more info.

Success on trophy animals Historically we have submitted from 3-5 moose per year into the record books. Our Clients have harvested 9 animals large enough to qualify for entry into Boone and Crockett, SCI, Pope and Young as well as the Maine Antler Skull and Trophy book in the past two seasons. The number of record book qualifying moose taken by this team is testament to the quality of staff and their dedication in providing an outdoor experience that will not be forgotten.

Big Machias Advantage

We attribute our success to a number of factors. One is pre season scouting; you can be assured that we will have multiple bulls scouted for each client well before the season comes around. We spend much of our time flying the areas we intend to be hunting. Another is teamwork; many clients harvest their animal on the first day or two.moose hunting After all game preparation is completed any available guides will be assisting other guides and their clients that have yet to be successful. To have a few different guides working together proves to be very valuable. Our staff boasts of the most respected moose guides in the state and arguably among the best in the industry. All are proficient at calling and have many years of guiding experience and are willing to go the "extra mile" when needed.

Hunting methods

Moose, being vocal during the rut, are disposed to respond to calling; therefore this is our preferred hunting method. The skill of our professional staff of guides and extensive pre season efforts can put rut crazed bulls right in our hunters' laps. Whether hunting with modern day rifle, muzzleloader, handgun or archery equipment the memories of a close encounter with these monarchs of the north will last a lifetime. Some hunting areas will be from waterways and others will be accessed by vehicle and foot.

Hunting Areas

Hunting in Wildlife Management Districts 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

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