Traditional Maine deer hunting in the expansive wilderness of Northern Maine's Aroostook county.

Our whitetail deer hunting services.

Hunting Strategies for Big Woods Deer
We employ several different hunting tactics depending on the weather, hunters abilities, food sources, and rutting activity. These deer have larger home ranges and are harder to pattern than deer in areas with limited forest cover and concentrated food sources but they still have predictable traits. They favor edges created by two different cover types, such as where a hardwood ridge grades to a softwood swamp. Deer huntingThey use stream bottoms, saddles, and long, sloping shelves as travel corridors. Although we try to cater to everyone's needs and abilities the most successful method for us has been from tree stands or blinds overlooking key areas.

Big-woods deer challenge
The biggest challenge is simply finding the deer. The big woods support deer densities that can discourage the most dedicated of deer hunters. The big woods, however, are not for everyone. It can be tough country to hunt. The landscape is measured in hundreds of thousands of acres. If that were not enough, large swaths of unbroken forest support some of the lowest deer densities in the whitetail's range. Yet that is not to say that the numbers are uniformly low. The trick is to find the areas that support higher densities than others.

The Big Machias Advantage
Our dedicated staff are among the most respected guides in the industry. We have a good mix of different guiding styles and methods. Everything we do here at the lodge is a team effort. You will be assigned your guide for the week but you can be assured that he will not be the only one out there working in your behalf. We are very aggressive with finding new hunting locations and venture where few others will go. Our staffs never ending quest for knowledge of the habitat and the game we pursue assures a big woods hunting adventure you will not soon forget.

Success on Mature Animals
Low deer densities and millions of acres of contiguous forest allows for a high percentage of older age class bucks with heavy racks and larger body weights. Over half of the bucks we hang on the pole are 4.5 yrs. or older having body weights of over 200 lb. field dressed. Dragging a giant heavy horned buck undoubtedly comes from hard work and dedication but may very well be the pinnacle in deer hunting.